• A screenshot of a colorful website. At the top, a series of tabs read ITP, Admissions, Curriculum, The Floor, People, News, Events. On the left, an image labeled "Sally, David Leyva" of a homemade wooden box with several holes in the side with the words "Hi, I'm Sally!" written in black marker. In the center, a smaller image labeled "Frankie finds her feelings, Sarah Elix" shows 3 hand-drawn characters on a tan page. On the right, a medium-sized image labeled "Pendulux, Phil Caridi" shows a large black suspended pendulum over a wooden floor.

    The new ITP website, created by an entirely student-led team of developers and designers, which displays up-to-date departmental info such as courses, faculty and events.

  • 2 dancers move slowly around a small purple-lit stage with various lines and circles projected on 3 surrounding walls. The subtitles WOMAN and MUSIC slowly appear letter-by-letter.

    A bespoke interactive “instrument” that produces synthesized movement-reactive vocalizations, made for playwright Kat Mustatea’s upcoming multimedia theater work Ielele.