Brooklyn Grange Water Level Sensor

A green line graph on a black background labeled "Water Level" in white. The y-axis is labeled with numbers between 500 and 850, increasing in increments of 50. The x-axis is labeled with hours starting at "5PM" and increasing in intervals of two hours over the span of 2 days. The line begins at roughly 650, gradually drops to around 600 halfway through the width of the graph, spikes up to around 825, and gradually drops back down to around 700.

A small, IoT enabled water level sensor that sends automated email alerts.

Created using Arduino, Milone eTape and MQTT dashboard.

A small microcontroller inside a waterproof transparent plastic HUBBELL cover with a thick black cable and thin black, yellow and red cables attached. The microcontroller is secured to the side of a white plastic bin.
The sensor secured to the side of the water tank.