live performance

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  • A table with a small MIDI keyboard, a laptop, a document camera and a flat plastic surface. A long plastic object is being held against the flat surface. In the background, a projected image of a piano keyboard with 4 pressed keys highlighted in pink.

    A digital instrument that encodes 2-dimensional contour data into a variety of sonic parameters.

  • A split-screen recording. On the left, a small box rotates slowly on a turntable. On the right, a thin red waveform consisting of 2 peaks appears against a black background.

    An ongoing exploration into methods of procedurally extracting sound from physical objects.

  • 2 dancers move slowly around a small purple-lit stage with various lines and circles projected on 3 surrounding walls. The subtitles WOMAN and MUSIC slowly appear letter-by-letter.

    A bespoke interactive “instrument” that produces synthesized movement-reactive vocalizations, made for playwright Kat Mustatea’s upcoming multimedia theater work Ielele.