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  • A green line graph on a black background labeled "Water Level" in white. The y-axis is labeled with numbers between 500 and 850, increasing in increments of 50. The x-axis is labeled with hours starting at "5PM" and increasing in intervals of two hours over the span of 2 days. The line begins at roughly 650, gradually drops to around 600 halfway through the width of the graph, spikes up to around 825, and gradually drops back down to around 700.

    A small, IoT enabled water level sensor that sends automated email alerts.

  • A wide sheet of white paper with several overlapping rows of ascending digits crudely drawn in bubble letters. At the top left corner, a small, grey car with 2 large wheels and an attached black sharpie touching the paper.

    A small remote-controlled car that crudely prints rows of text.

  • A screenshot of a colorful website. At the top, a series of tabs read ITP, Admissions, Curriculum, The Floor, People, News, Events. On the left, an image labeled "Sally, David Leyva" of a homemade wooden box with several holes in the side with the words "Hi, I'm Sally!" written in black marker. In the center, a smaller image labeled "Frankie finds her feelings, Sarah Elix" shows 3 hand-drawn characters on a tan page. On the right, a medium-sized image labeled "Pendulux, Phil Caridi" shows a large black suspended pendulum over a wooden floor.

    The new ITP website, created by an entirely student-led team of developers and designers, which displays up-to-date departmental info such as courses, faculty and events.

  • A table with a small MIDI keyboard, a laptop, a document camera and a flat plastic surface. A long plastic object is being held against the flat surface. In the background, a projected image of a piano keyboard with 4 pressed keys highlighted in pink.

    A digital instrument that encodes 2-dimensional contour data into a variety of sonic parameters.

  • A split-screen recording. On the left, a small box rotates slowly on a turntable. On the right, a thin red waveform consisting of 2 peaks appears against a black background.

    An ongoing exploration into methods of procedurally extracting sound from physical objects.

  • 2 dancers move slowly around a small purple-lit stage with various lines and circles projected on 3 surrounding walls. The subtitles WOMAN and MUSIC slowly appear letter-by-letter.

    A bespoke interactive “instrument” that produces synthesized movement-reactive vocalizations, made for playwright Kat Mustatea’s upcoming multimedia theater work Ielele.